Streaming and imaging innovation technologies have improved to such a point where floor plans, interactive exploratory and visual tours are normal on several estate websites. Such technologies provide real estate agents going through digital media to grow their customer base. Interestingly, they easily do this without having to sacrifice firsthand personal and experienced connections.

Virtual tours are arguably the newest interactive features to gain popularity among several real estate websites. Here, we’ll carefully take a look at some of the captivating benefits of this brand-new technology.


They’re The Next Big Thing

If you’re a real estate agent, one of the core service values is to create and implement an effective marketing plan. Nowadays, standard real estate marketing techniques exist in a favourable number of digital marketing activities, for example we use a company for SEO and another company for Web Design. Having virtual tours on your website is a perfect means of signalling customers that you love high-quality technological innovations. Also, it shows your services have a variety of marketing toolkits. Your property listings and savvy in marketing will be something they won’t stop talking about!

Review: By Alan Bell, Mortgage Adviser in Dumfries

We asked Alan Bell, a Mortgage Adviser in Dumfries where he felt virtual home tours were going: “I believe that virtual home tours will be a common marketing strategy for the real estate agency, later being more available to homeowners who would like to sell their home themselves.”


They’re Interactive Even by Design

By definition, interactive technology is entirely satisfactory. Different audiences enjoy various forms of media that offer space for individual exploration. Virtual tours offer your customers the opportunity to discover a realistic feel of the digital environment. Here, they’ll visit each room, explore each detail like artisan tiles or light fixtures all from the comfort of their laptops.

Virtual tours also share another advantage with videos. They can keep attention spans for a long time meaning that audiences are more likely to prefer the close interactions that they provide.


They Make Instant Sense of Ownership

Creating a good sense of ownership is critical to pushing customers one step closer the actual thing. Virtual tours give clients the chance to tour the entire property, at their own pace, and also providing them with a personal connection and autonomy. You can improve and go deeper in establishing these relationships through incorporating virtual tours to complement your other features. Such may include information and local amenities as well as a mortgage calculator. In this way, your clients can use all your listings to do a thorough search. The more the time they invest in you, the more they’ll contact you once faced with a challenge.


They are a Fixed Open House

Open house activities are a huge part of any real estate enterprise. However, they need close and thorough attention and vast amounts of activities. For instance, long hours on-site, keeping track of contact information and notes. Virtual tours offer you the opportunity to digitize various part in this process, keeping listed premises “open” and displaying them frequently. You also get feedback on virtual tours by adding them to your social media and blog pages.



Virtual tours are always creating and attracting different views while still generating improved leads than images and even texts. Choose virtual tours as you do plan for your digital marketing. It will give you a solid head start in the continuously adapting and competitive market!